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From Behavior Problems to Behavior Progress

In this course I will share my insider, expert perspective on all things behavior and behavior planning in schools, with straightforward language and strategies for solving challenging behaviors. 

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  • The ABCs and Functions of Behavior
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  • The ABCs and Functions of Behavior
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  • 5 Steps to Stop Struggling and Start Problem-Solving
  • Behind the Scenes of a Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Avoiding Pitfalls and Making Progress with Positive Behavior Support Plans
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Do you ever feel...

  • Stressed out and overwhelmed by the daily calls and emails about your child’s classroom behavior?

  • Discouraged that the school only thinks of your child as a problem or the "bad kid"?

  • Worried your child isn't getting the right support or services they need and are entitled to at school?

  • Confused and intimidated by all the paperwork, acronyms, and jargon thrown your way?

  • Frustrated that you'll never know enough about behavior or special education to help your child?

  • Afraid your child’s challenging behaviors won’t ever change and there's no way to turn things around?

Imagine if...

  • You had clear and concrete actions you could immediately take to lead your child towards meaningful progress

  • You had the right tools and language to communicate effortlessly and collaboratively with your child's school and teachers

  • Your child had a detailed and objective behavior plan founded on actual evidence and your child's own individual needs and skills

  • The school celebrated the skills, strengths, and progress of your child

  • You could finally feel confident that you know how to help your child

You're not alone!

Changing behavior doesn't happen overnight. But you are not alone, and there are answers! Whatever the diagnosis, disability, or behavior, what I can teach you is rooted in science, best practice, and my years of experience working with special education teachers, administrators, students and families. Here's what others have to say:


 Presenter was wonderful - engaging, truly competent and knowledgeable, and obviously has the best interest of students at heart.

Webinar Attendee

This was so helpful. I've never heard of an FBA. My child often gets reports of "bad" behavior. I love the practical advice on how to change that language to be objective and actionable.

Webinar Attendee

Today's webinar was amazing, practical, and helpful! Thank you SO very much for speaking on this important and widely misunderstood process!

Webinar Attendee

Really great speaker. Presentation was well organized and offered direct examples and action items that could be taken away and applied. Very insightful.

Webinar Attendee

Fabulous presentation: comprehensive, yet always on topic; solution-oriented, yet always compassionate; well-planned, easy to follow, options for additional resources. I'm definitely going back to listen again!

Webinar Attendee

She has a very strong passion for this material, which not only helped me be motivated to learn, but also her real world experience allowed me to visualize the material as well.

Past Student

Meet Dr. Rachel Schwartz


Hi, and welcome! As a special educator, board certified behavior analyst, and educational consultant, I’ve come across so many students of all diagnoses and disabilities who struggle with behavior in the classroom. Parents get calls, emails, and their child still doesn’t make progress. Often the parents I meet feel frustrated and defeated by the whole process.

I created Behavior Goals to help parents navigate the world of behavior programming and special education.  I’m passionate about sharing my insider, expert perspective with you from my 15+ years of experience working with special education teachers, administrators, students and families. I want to give you the most practical, no-nonsense resources on challenging behaviors at school that help put your child on the path to progress. Let’s take the next step together. 

— Rachel

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